Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tax Issue Resolved; Sandy Lake Road Next?

I commend the Coppell City Council for their comments and direction at last night's meeting. I look forward to the upcoming vote on this important matter and confirmation that there will be no tax increase approved this year.

As to next year, I expect that the Council and City Manager will explore the many alternatives before leaning on the crutch of going to the taxpayers to fund a very fully configured budget.

Now that the tax issue has seemingly been resolved, I challenge the Council and Manager to address the now ten-year-old Sandy Lake Road (westward from Denton Tap Road) rebuilding mandate authorized by voters in 1999. I've been aboard this soapbox for several years now, but until the City resolves the safety issue of students crossing Sandy Lake Road to get to and from the High School I refuse to relent.

Set aside the policy or other issues and instead deal with the real need - to creatively resolve this huge safety issue in a temporary fashion until the road rebuilding can take place. Twice daily police directing traffic is a possibilty, as is temporarily covering the ditches (using culverts) to afford adequate sidewalk access on both sides of the road could work. Finally, we need Coppell residents to embrace the too-long delayed road project with the same vigor as they displayed on the tax issue. The health of our student citizens is at risk daily.

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