Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Thoughts on the Proposed Tax Increase

As a career banker I cannot fault our city leaders in their quest to maintain adequate reserves. That aspect of the current debate is valid and prudent.

I do believe that the City's failure to approach the need with regard to all stakeholders is imprudent; the City's debt providers and employees are the victors; its constituents (Coppell residents) are shortchanged as a result of the failure of the City (Council, Manager, Staff) to act in a fashion commensurate with today' economic realities.

Businesses of every type are evaluating all aspects of their operations to identify new efficiencies to allow their immediate and long-term survival.  For some reason our City leaders seems to believe Coppell to be exempt from the need to prune its services as a matter of prudent business practice - especially when so many of our citizens are facing unprecedented economic challenges.

At this time it appears that most on the City Council are unwilling to make the hard decisions to maintain fiscal prudence without taking the easy road of taking unnecessary new taxes from the taxpayers.

I strongly encourage the City Manager and the Council to reconsider their positions on this important matter. I applaud Mayor Peters along with Councilman Franklin for their courage in taking a stand contrary to the too-often unanimously-acting group.

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