Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sandy Lake Road - No progress...

I had the occasion to speak to a city council member a few weeks ago and I was assured that the long-delayed (10 years is long to me...) Sandy Lake Road widening/rebuilding project from Denton Tap westward was almost ready to go forward. I hope that proves to be true.

I pray that the City get the necessary momentum behind this critical project before someone is seriously injured (or worse). While we (as a City) have long hidden behind the idea that getting the plans done, right of way acquired and cooperation with the Federal Government arranged due to the impact on creeks and lowlands have all created the delays, the fact is that HAD we truly made this project a priority it would have been completed long ago. I know, I know - there will have to be trees removed to make this project a reality. My intuition tells me that the tree issue is one of the main reasons this has all taken so long.

It is time to get this project moving forward and off of the planning board. Our children need a safe way to get to and from the High School, we all need the reduction in traffic congestion that will ultimately result, and we need the City Council to take action on what the voters very clearly noted to be a priority some 10 years ago.

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