Thursday, February 26, 2009

Same old excuses...

Well it seems that the latest from the City is that the voter mandate of 1999 (yes, nearly ten years ago) continues to be deferred. The bond election which put in place the process to upgrade and improve Sandy Lake Road as it goes westward from Denton Tap remains largely ignored. By the way, the roadway is cracked and soon, I suspect, will be falling apart.

Meanwhile, we've got kids headed to and from the High School every school day that put their safety at risk because not only can't we act on a ten-year-old voter mandate, we can't even come up with a safe way to cross the street for those students.

Just a few hundred feet north, along the very well designed Parkway Boulevard, the City recently agreed to put in place a school zone to slow traffic for the kids on that side of town. Hopefully the kids who live south of Sandy Lake are faster, more agile, and more observant so that their safety isn't compromised because of the City's lack of focus on this too-long-ignored situation.

The reconstruction timeline of I-635 was announced today. I wonder which project - Sandy Lake Road or LBJ is done first? My bet is on the Dallas project.

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