Monday, October 20, 2008

Great News! Your City Has Spent $25 Million on Land That is not even IN the City!

Now that the details of the "settlement" of the conflict around North Lake are coming out, I have a few observations:

  • The City of Coppell is now obligated to the tune of more than $25 million to purchase undeveloped real estate within the North Lake tract.

  • The acreage is NOT within the city limits of Coppell, but is actually within the City of Dallas.

  • Countless additional $ will no doubt be spent to hold and/or develop (whatever that means to our City leaders) this extraterritorial acreage.

  • NO reduction in density was negotiated with the buyer of the first tract of land that caused all of the consternation in the first place. It was the thought that 10,000 housing units could soon be part of CISD that caused the initial uproar . The "compromise" that was achieved is that the number of units remains unchanged.

  • The "win" in all of this is that the City will buy $25 million worth of undeveloped real estate as a "buffer" to forestall even greater development density to our south.
For all we "accomplished" in this protracted battle, I am convinced that we would have been better served if our City leaders had instead spent the $25 million on a vacation getaway - a timeshare of sorts for every citizen's benefit - (a ski lodge, a lake house, a ranch, a beach compound) instead of wasting your tax dollars and mine to "defend" our southern flanks.

We may have won the battle but we lost the war.

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